•   Want to make something but have no tools or space at home?
  •   Seen something that you like on Pinterest and want to try upcycling yourself?
  •   Need advice on how to create original pieces that aren’t just off-the-shelf?
  •   Hoping to build your skills in woodwork or metalwork?
  •   Simply looking to make unique gifts and decorations for parties or weddings?
  •   Just want to meet new people and share ideas?

If the answer to any of these questions is an interested and enthusiastic “YES”, then our Community Workshop is for you. Follow our easy 3 step process and come join us.

homepage_step01_01 BOOK AN INDUCTION

Our induction sessions last up to 2 hrs, we’ll cover all the tool usage and safety information you’ll need. You can either register online, drop us a line or ping us a message and one of staff will arrange to book you in at a time convenient to you.

homepage_step02_01SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION

Once you’ve completed your induction session, and you’re registered on our system, you’re then ready to book a slot, pay any fees and you’re sorted.

homepage_step03_01COME AND MAKE STUFF

Finally all you’ve got to do is turn up wearing appropriate clothing and some sturdy footwear (flip flops are a no no).